Metrolink tram and car crash in Salford Quays

METROLINK services between MediaCityUK and Eccles were suspended this morning after a tram crashed into a car.

Police were called to South Langworthy Road at around 10am to reports of the smash.

The damage to the car following the crash.

The driver of the car had gone past the give way line as the tram was passing the junction, causing the tram to collide with the vehicle.

Both drivers emerged unscathed from the crash and the tram had no passengers at the time.

Val, 46, told Quays News “I was driving and I tried to stop but in my mind… I was thinking that that big tram, the driver was going to stop but evidently the driver didn’t.
“I was shocked… when someone’s driving they have to take care of other cars, especially in a big thing like a tram. But he just didn’t stop.”

The car was moved and services were running again as normal by 10.40am.

Metrolink declined to comment.


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