PC World ‘scamming’ laptop buyers.

PC World customers have been charged for services that though advertised as ‘optional’, appear to be anything but.

Despite asking to opt out, many customers have been told they have to buy the £35 set up service, which includes software that is freely available elsewhere.

User ‘iamnoss’ on website reddit told other members: “(I was) informed that whilst they did have the laptop (I) reserved in stock, they had performed a ‘set-up’ service on the laptop, which charges £35 for a recovery USB.

“You can’t purchase the laptop without the recovery USB drive bundled, despite the fact that this is not mentioned anywhere in the product description, or advertisement of the product.”

His story has unveiled a number of similar issues from PC World customers across the site.

“This happened to me when I went to help my grandmother buy a PC,” one user said.

“They tried to charge us £30 for a system repair disc, something you can create for free using an application that is a part of all Windows systems. Disgusting.”

PC World has since been bombarded with 1 star reviews on consumer review site ‘trustpilot’, with many users saying that PC World has broken the Sales of Goods Act.
“I feel angry for the unsuspecting hardworking people spending their money in there that don’t realise what they’re trying to sell you is not needed,” says Rebecca Jones, one of many reviewers on the website.

A spokesperson for PC World told the press: “We offer a number of set-up services on laptops in store for those customers who don’t have the time, or don’t know how to set up a laptop correctly with recovery media.

“On those few occasions where stores only have pre-set-up stock left, a customer is offered the pre-set up unit at the normal price of the laptop, getting the additional benefits of the service for free.”

An investigation is currently underway by consumer organisation Which? whilst Trading Standards have not commented at this time.


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